Nobody has seen anything from James Harberd Wilbert Chamberlain’s good wishes.┬áRockets vs Knicks 2019 The Knicks fans who are doing something in New York Knicks have grown to be accustomed long Two completely different sticks will be shown on Wednesday night, while Houston Rockets at the Knox Hostess and Madison Square Garden.

After Monday’s defeat, both teams closed on Tuesday, when Nix Oklahoma City Thunder went on touring 127-109 and crushed 121-193 decisions near Hosts Philadelphia 76 host.

Harton was sitting in the fourth quarter of the failure of rockets but still made history by achieving 37 points. This was the reason for its 20th successive 30-point attempt, the longest long Chamberlain in the NBA, 30 January 1964 to 1 March 1964, at least 20 points in 20 live games.

Rockets vs Knicks 2019

“I mean, he’s incredible, he really said,” the chief of the rockets Mike D’Antony later said. “I can not tell you – I’ve finished the word. My vocabulary is not comprehensive.”

There are only three long lines of 30 points in NBA history, which have been compiled by Chamberlain. The longest time in the 1961-26 season was a 65-game, which included the Chamberlain’s 100-point game.

These numbers seem to be untouchables, but Harden, who has collected two 200 points in his last four games, collected two 50-point games, there is a possible process to do something like that.

Harten said, “Wilt is not able to catch some incredible things and (which set) numbers that no one would catch, but in the same conversation they are credit for the boys I have put in.”

You play this game to be listed with the players, the top players. Of course, I have a long way to go, but it’s a great start. ”

Nix, in the meantime, is in a gap that shows no signs of the end soon. On Monday, 6th and 19th of the last 21 games in New York were lost, which included four rounds in favor of Chicago Bullets, Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Sons Top Lottery Player.

As the season has been for rough as Knox, these past five seasons are not even franchise’s worst stretches. In the 2011-15 season, they lost 1-17 in New York last year and scored 1-26 goals in 27 games.

Things are not likely to be good in contrast to the Hayden and rockets. Knox is allowed to process infusing more youth into a raster that was 115.7 points per game, third person in the NBA on Tuesday, and most of the league was already in the inexperienced.

Head coach David Fidel said that the average of average of the average of 28 years old, between two doubles (14.4 points and 10.8 rebounds per game) will be rolling in favor of Louis Kennett and Mitchell Robinson. .

Can cause cancer to be retrieved, although the Coronet has to abstain from activity for at least the rest of the week after he encounters ankle injuries on Monday.

“We’re thinking big pictures,” Fizdale said following Monday’s game. “Who is the winner? Who is going to be a person who can help us to go to the future?”